Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Fun of Doodling

Doodling is an easy and fun technique for tapping into the unconscious mind in order to nurture the creative process. It's also a fun distraction when you are sitting in a boring meeting.  At any rate, try it out for yourself.  Just take a plain clean sheet of paper, with or without lines.  Using a gel or roller ball pen start with a dot or a line and let your hand take over.  Suspend all judgment and let yourself play with the pen.  Let me warm you.  Doodling can become habit forming.  Have fun with it and Enjoy!  

This video shows a collection of doodles that I've created on small cards.  The cards were discarded library cards.  The kind used years ago that were either typed on or hand written.  I have about 5 thousand of those cards.  They were headed to the landfill when I rescued them.  The cards are the same size as playing cards, and are also great for making artist trading cards. 

I love recycling materials for the purpose of making art, or play. 

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