Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Love Yourself!

When I look at my daughter I see glimpses of myself at age 15. Like her I was tall, very thin but shapely. The difference is that I did not have one tenth of the confidence that she does. I remember feeling so inadequate and unattractive. How could that have been? Looking at her now and seeing myself it is unimaginable how I could have missed my own beauty and gracefulness.

Like so many young women of my era I undervalued my own worth. Fortunately for me, and I suspect for you as well, it is not too late. I'm not as svelte as I was then but that doesn't mean that I'm not as beautiful. It's just that my beauty has a different definition. It feels good to be a more confident person.  It feels good to like the person that I've become. The more I appreciate and honor who I have become, the happier I feel.

My daughter is growing up way too fast it seems to me. She will be fifteen this summer and already she is asking me to teach her to drive. The thought of her independence is both liberating and a bit scary. As I move with her through this experience I have the opportunity to teach her all that I can. And, I have the opportunity to learn from her all that she has to teach me. Learning to love myself has been her most valuable lesson.  Thank you Chica!

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